APS’ McKinney Vento Program hosts one-day Pictures of Hope exhibit

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Albuquerque Public Schools students showcased their work in a one-day exhibit July 13 at the Albuquerque Museum – but the exhibit was about more than just art.

The presenting students are a part of the McKinney-Vento Program, which offers services to children and families who are homeless. The July 13 exhibit gave these students the chance to display the world through their eyes and some of the photos represent the change they would like to see in the world.

“My hope is to just stay strong and be happy because we want Mother Earth to be safe,” student LeRon Clah said. “We just want everything to stop – the violence and riots – I just want Mother Earth to have good peace.”

The exhibit is appropriately called ‘Pictures of Hope’, which is encouraging students of all ages to participate and share about that change and the hopes and dreams they have.

One student is just six years old – Myles, who doesn’t know how to read yet but knows exactly what he wants.

“It says, ‘My dream is to have fun and help people,’ why is that your dream?”

“Because there are people that are homeless and stuff, and that’s bad,” Myles responded.

Students’ photos were auctioned off Wednesday. All proceeds were given to students and their families.

If you missed the exhibit and you would like to help the McKinney-Vento Program, visit their website.