Are we facing another baby formula shortage?

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — The Food and Drug Administration is under investigation by the House Oversight Committee over its handling of the baby formula shortage throughout last year.

A former FDA official said it’s possible we could see that happen again.

“The nation remains one outbreak, one tornado, flood or cyberattack away from finding itself in a similar place to that of February 2022,” said Frank Yiannas, former FDA deputy commissioner.

The country’s largest infant formula maker, Abbott Nutrition, recalled multiple products in mid-February and had to pause production after FDA inspectors found potentially dangerous bacteria at one of its plants.

However, local pediatricians say New Mexico is in good shape, for now. But what options do parents have?

“Only mix the amount of formula that you need to feed your child for each feeding,” said Dr. Anna Duran with UNM Children’s Hospital. “Again, make sure you’re not mixing your formula inappropriately, meaning you don’t want to water down your formula. That can cause some serious electrolyte abnormalities and can cause some medical concerns.”

Dr. Duran said never to go against the formula’s instructions on the label, and not to attempt to make homemade baby formula.