Attempted break-in, dog defense caught on camera

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — A home security camera captured the moment an attempted burglary was deterred by the owner’s dog in northeast Albuquerque.

The incident happened sometime last week around 1 a.m. In the video captured, you can see a person wearing a hooded sweater, shining a light on the back of a parked pickup truck and even lifting the tarp in the trunk bed. Then, the person walks toward the house and bends down to look through some tools.

The homeowners were fast asleep but their dog was more than alert.

“It was our dog that woke us up,” said Carol, who owns the house with her husband. “I’m guessing she must have heard him hop the fence so she jumped and growled and went to the windows.”

This prompted Carol’s husband to jump into action. He opened the door slightly, scaring off the burglar and allowing their 3-year-old dog to quickly run off after him.

“Go go go get em!”

The burglar then hopped the fence with the dog in hot pursuit.

“Clearly she’s willing to defend us if needed, but yeah she’s definitely a friend to have around,” Carol said.

She and her husband said the burglar grabbed some tools that were left outside but then dropped them when they took off. The dog is safe as she came back after chasing off the burglar.