Aztec Flower shop encourages community to buy flowers for seniors this Valentine’s Day

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AZTEC, N.M. – Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and hopefully you’re planning something special for your significant other. However, one New Mexico flower shop is taking a different route by encouraging folks to do something special for someone you don’t know.

Susan Aguirre, the owner of the Lil Aztec Flower Shop, knows a thing or two about how receiving flowers can make you feel.

“Oh, it’s everything, it’s love personified I mean show me a flower you don’t like,” said Aguirre. “If you ask most people when they got flowers, they can tell you from what time it was to who sent them, so they make a large impression.”

And it’s that grand impression, that Aguirre and her granddaughter Amber, a designer at the Lil Aztec Flower Shop, want to make for Aztec’s seniors.

“Being with my grandparents made me think of the other seniors who don’t have their own homes, it made me realize that they may not feel as comfortable, or they might feel lonely,” Amber said.

So, the Lil Aztec Flower Shop has a list of 29 seniors that they are hoping the community will purchase flowers for.

“Help bring joy to the residents of Aztec Healthcare by sending them an arrangement this Valentine’s Day,” Aguirre said. “It just brings joy to these people that wouldn’t get a valentine, so we are sending love.”

But even if they don’t get 29 customers.

“If I don’t, we’ll make sure they will get their valentine,” she said. 

Because for Aguirre giving flowers lets someone know that you care.

“I would encourage anyone out there that you live by a senior home, or you know a senior, send them a flower, let them have a valentine,” said Aguirre.