BCSO: 28 vehicles hit in mass vandalism spree

BCSO: 28 vehicles hit in mass vandalism spree

The Bernalillo County Sheriff's Office is asking for your help finding some vandals who caused quite a lot of damage in northwest Albuquerque.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – The Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office is asking for the public’s help in finding some vandals who caused quite a lot of damage in northwest Albuquerque.

Officials say at least 28 vehicles were damaged by vandals with BB guns including Bernalillo County Sheriff John Allen’s unit.

BCSO released video of a vehicle they believe was involved, and they are asking anyone with information, or anyone who hasn’t already reported damage to their vehicle to give them a call.

BCSO investigators believe the suspects were driving a white or silver sedan when they opened fire on vehicles in the neighborhood. They say the car is missing a hubcap on the passenger side.

Most of the attacks happened on a few streets in Paradise Hills, but there were several reports in nearby Ventana Ranch as well.

BCSO leaders say all of the vandalism happened between 12:30 and 5 a.m. Based on the initial reports, there’s more than $17,000 worth of damage. 

Homeowners KOB 4 talked to know they’re the ones footing the bill.

“I mean, the windshield, rear hatch was probably I got a quote from one of the glass places they want to like $700 bucks just for the glass. You know, that’s not counting the lens and whatever we got to do here now, so I don’t know,” said Mark Vanmeter. 

Vanmeter says he didn’t even know vandals damaged his back windshield until he was driving his car Saturday morning.

“It looked like the back windshield was frosted over, but as I moved down the road a little bit, it started to fall in,” Vanmeter said. 

He didn’t think too much of it until he noticed his neighbor’s windshield was also shattered, and that was just the tip of the iceberg.

“I didn’t even realize it was all of our cars until each, like, throughout the day. And like ‘Oh, no, it’s my car now too,’ ‘Oh, no, now it’s the truck,’” said Monica Miura.

Vandals damaged all four cars parked in front of Monica Miura’s house, leaving behind an obliterated windshield, a shattered car window, and several bullet holes. Possibly up to $1,000 in damage.

“It’s very unfortunate. I mean, it’s going to cost us quite a bit of money, and it’s going to cost our neighbors a lot of money,” said Miura.  

BCSO leaders say vandals damaged at least 28 vehicles, including Bernalillo County Sheriff John Allen’s marked patrol unit.

“His windshield was actually broken by one of the BBs that was shot,” said BCSO spokesperson Jayme Fuller. “So, he certainly took it upon himself to make sure that this was at the top of the level of importance for the sheriff’s office. Detectives and our deputies were on it right away trying to get as much information and as much video footage as possible, and really flooded the area with assistance to try to get as much information as they could.” 

So far, that only includes a video of a suspected vehicle.

“I feel like there’s just some, maybe young kids that had BB guns and too much time on their hands. I’m hoping that’s all it was,” Miura said.  

But for Vanmeter: 

“Just a normal day in Albuquerque. I mean, you got to take the stones as they come.”

BCSO leaders say property crimes like this are usually just a misdemeanor, but once suspects rack up $1,00O in damage it becomes a fourth-degree felony.

There’s already $17,000 in reported damages right now.

If you have any photos or videos to help identify the suspect(s), you can share them with BCSO here.