BCSO deputy charged with DWI, battery

BCSO deputy charged with DWI, battery

Investigators arrested another Bernalillo County deputy, the third put in cuffs in 2024.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Investigators have arrested another Bernalillo County deputy — the third put in cuffs in 2024. 

Daniel Vazquez-Moreno is on administrative leave, but has been a BCSO deputy since graduating from the academy in July 2019. 

Now, he’s facing DWI and battery charges for allegedly getting into a fight with his girlfriend. 

Police say they were called to a home in southeast Rio Rancho Monday morning because of a drunk man and woman yelling. 

A witness told them Vazquez-Moreno grabbed his girlfriend and pushed her during an argument. He then allegedly took off in his truck when officers arrived, despite one of them trying to get him out. 

Investigators say they eventually caught up with Vazquez-Moreno on the edge of Rio Rancho and Albuquerque. He reportedly smelled like alcohol and slurred when he spoke. 

His blood alcohol content was allegedly a .16 – double the legal limit. 

Vazquez-Moreno is now the third BCSO deputy to get arrested just this year. 

On new year’s morning, deputy Adrienne Seay got busted going through a DWI checkpoint. Investigators say she admitted to drinking wine before driving. 

Mothers Against Drunk Driving weighed in on these two arrests.

“These are role models in the community, these are the people that our community looks up to as a way to conduct themselves. It makes everyone who wants to make impaired driving stop, upset, and worried. And we have to hold these people accountable for their actions,” said Katrina Latka, a MADD executive director.  

Finally, there’s the case of Michael Borreco, a BCSO detective. Police arrested him late last month at a Circle K on Osuna. They say he threatened to shoot two people while drinking in the convenience store parking lot. 

Police say Borreco was in his unmarked patrol unit at the time. He allegedly yelled at two men and told them to leave the store, saying he was with the sheriff’s department.

Those men say Borreco pointed a gun at them, and police reportedly later found that weapon. 

“It’s another black eye for law enforcement. It’s been a terrible week and terrible month. One of the first things I want to do is apologize to all of the other law enforcement agencies in the state of New Mexico,” said BCSO John Allen. 

BCSO John Allen released a statement following this morning’s arrest: 

“I wish to express my profound disappointment and frustration. It is disheartening to see members of our team fail to uphold the standards and ethics expected of them. As Sheriff, I am committed to ensuring accountability and maintaining the integrity of the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office. These incidents, although deeply troubling, do not reflect the dedication of the majority of our deputies who serve our community with honor.” 

Allen is prepared to say a lot more about this series of arrests. He’s going to be talking about it at a news conference Tuesday.