BCSO sheriff addresses problems along Central

BCSO sheriff addresses problems along Central

We're learning more about the Bernalillo County sheriff's plan to clean up Central. The office announced last week that they are in phase two of their Central Corridor Operation.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — We’re learning more about the Bernalillo County sheriff’s plan to clear up Central Avenue. Last week, KOB 4 shared the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office is in phase 2 of its “Central Corridor Operation.” 

Every week BCSO sends teams to Route 66 to arrest anyone breaking the law and to provide resources to community members in need. KOB went out with deputies Thursday as they tackled another part of Central.

“We want to make sure that we’re supplementing, and making sure that we’re addressing the problems– it’s going to take a while,” said Bernalillo County Sheriff John Allen.

Earlier this week, they cleaned up a part of Tennessee and Central – but Thursday, our crews saw this in the same area.

BCSO Before & after
Tennesse & Central on Nov. 23

From Tramway to 98th Street, BCSO deputies will be there every week.

“We’re doing at least twice a week, usually on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Route 66 and the central corridors is a very long area and a lot of businesses and neighborhoods. And we’re making sure that we’re hitting hotspots and hitting different areas of where we’re seeing complaints that we saw during Phase One,” Allen said.

Allen emphasized crime, homelessness and substance abuse have taken a toll on nearby businesses and the community as a whole but says that doesn’t mean a community member in need doesn’t deserve compassion.

“We know that we’re going to have to arrest people, that’s just a given. But at the same time, passion, respect, we need to make sure we have humanity,” Allen said. “There are other people out there with behavioral health issues. Also drug addiction issues, and some people that just don’t have any housing… So we want to make sure that we’re given people the appropriate resources to succeed.”

The operation comes as the City of Albuquerque received an injunction from a judge over its treatment of homeless people. 

“We were made aware of the lawsuit that was going on, we want to make sure that not only we’re showing compassion, humility, but also people’s civil rights and our belongings, that’s very important to us. That’s just something that we’ve brought along in the office… But at the same time, we’re sending out a harsh message is also that if you’re doing a crime, that we’re going to arrest you, and we’re going to have to address it,” Allen said.

BSCO is partnering with different services like Care Campus, Albuquerque Community Safety, and the Homeless Hotline to provide resources for those who need it.


  • Care Campus Call (505)-468-1555 or email behavioralhealth@bernco.gov
  • Albuquerque Community Safety Call the non-emergency line 311 or email acs@cabq.gov
  • Homeless Hotline Call (505)-768-HELP or message (505)-600-2835