Beloved ‘Marty the Moose’ spotted at Abiquiu Lake

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – The saga of Marty the Moose continues in northern New Mexico. Marty was seen at Abiquiu Lake this weekend, and it looks like he is going to continue to head south.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Abiquiu Lake posted a photo Saturday saying Abiuiu Lake is no stranger to deer and elk – but a moose is a new visitor.

In the comment section, people were quick to identify the celebrity animal:

“It’s Marty on his way back to Santa Fe.”

“If this is Marty he really wants to be a New Mexican.”

“En route to Hatch for the good chile.”

Earlier this month, Marty the Moose was cornered by Game and Fish near Fort Marcy Park in Santa Fe.

“To have one right in the thick of an urban area is so rare,” said Darren Vaughn with New Mexico Game and Fish earlier this month. 

Officials guess Marty is 4 or 5 years old and weighed in at more than 900 pounds. 

So, for the public and the moose’s safety, Marty was transported to the Colorado border. 

“It was also showing little or no fear of humans or pets, or anything like that,” Darren said earlier this month. 

But he has seen quite a bit of New Mexico and apparently can’t get enough.

Back in December, Marty was first seen up in the Santa Fe Ski Basin. He then made his way down into town over the summer, before getting relocated up towards Colorado.

10 ten days later, he was seen once again taking in the sights at Abiquiu Lake. 

The Army Corps of Engineers says this week he is making his way down the Rio Chama. So we will see where this beloved moose ends up next.

Game and Fish officials say if you do see Marty out and about be sure to keep your distance and give him plenty of space – he is a wild animal, after all.