Brewery opens in old Winning Coffee space near UNM

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Jeff Hoehn is the president of the Nob Hill Neighborhood Association and a longtime resident.

“During COVID, it was a real challenge,” Hoehn said. “You know, we saw a lot of our storefronts were empty, there wasn’t a lot of business activity. And it was kind of sad.”

He said for far too long, Nob Hill was shuttered, but now it’s been reenergized with new businesses.

“You could buy a pair of jeans, or you could have a great lunch, and you can have a drink with your family,”  Hoehn said.

The diversity of businesses has helped grow foot traffic in the area again, and it’s spreading beyond just Nob Hill.

Jeff Tomlinson is the cofounder of the Bricklight District’s newest business, Flock of Moons Brewing Co.

“Winnings Coffee that was here before, used to come here when I was in college, and I’ve just always loved this building,” Tomlinson said.

The brewery just had its grand opening Friday.

“It’s a little surreal. Just seeing it all together, and I’m really excited to see people in the space today enjoying it,” he said about their first day open.

He said the old Winnings building was perfect, and they paid homage to the original tin ceiling – even adding an original butterfly that used to hang in the old coffee shop. It represents all the recent changes.

“It’s been heartening to see some of the vacancies getting filled up as we open here,” Tomlinson said. “So it’s kind of not just us, other people have kind of led the charge and yeah, I’ve seen more foot traffic come back and yeah, it’s really great.”

After years of decline, they say this growth is a move in the right direction for everyone.

“If Nob Hill does better, then the Bricklight District does better, you know, you know, the university area does better, you know, the International District does better,” Hoehn said.