Brunch with Babes entrepreneurs’ event this Sunday

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — In New Mexico, there are countless woman-owned businesses – and an event this weekend hopes to bring those entrepreneurs together.

The “Brunch with Babes” entrepreneurs’ event is the first of its kind here. It’s happening this Sunday with the goal of going beyond business.

“So many of my friends that I grew up with are opening stores, spas, salons, restaurants. I’m like, Yes!,’ but none of them know each other,” said Amarie Castillo, an Albuquerque woman who is in business herself.

So, Castillo wanted to do something about it. She is now connecting businesswomen with each other.

“I call it ‘Small-buqurque’ since I grew up here. Everyone knows each other, everyone is in their own little circles. As we get older and you’re developing a business, I want to create a space where you feel safe, where you could network and get outside your usual circles,” Castillo explained.

That’s where “Brunch with Babes” comes in. It’s a bicoastal event that’s always taken place in L.A. in New Jersey. Now, it’ll be here in Albuquerque at 377 Brewery.

The goal is to bring women together, not as competition but as colleagues in the business world.

“When women support each other were unstoppable, we have to start supporting one another. It’s only going to help us climb higher and higher to the top to achieve our goals. We can’t compete all the time,” Castillo stated.

The “Brunch with Babes” entrepreneurs’ event is this Sunday from 12-3 p.m. If you want to grab a ticket or learn more about the event click here.