Bunkhouse Studios: New creative hub opens in Albuquerque

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — A new studio opened in northeast Albuquerque earlier this week.

“We were always renting studio space, and we’re like, man, it’d be so nice to have a space of our own,” said Jordee Wester, co-owner of Bunkhouse Studios.

That’s where the inspiration began. The 10,000-square-foot warehouse is a destination for all types of creators.

“We just kind of hope to bridge the gap between the massive industry studios and then kind of the smaller photography studios,” said Brent Wylie, Bunkhouse Studios co-owner.

Wester and Wylie come from a film background and also own a production company.

Anyone who rents out the space can use it for many different purposes.

“Whether you’re a photographer or a content creator, or all the way to the film and television industry, we have the space that kind of is unique to any of those things,” Wylie said.

They offer a selection of “mini sets” that are finely curated, and they’ve also got a room for people to record podcasts or voiceovers. The space also has garage doors so that people can bring cars inside to shoot, too.

“I hope this is a place that, again, these smaller content creators who don’t have the sources, now feel like they have a place they can come in and just be able to unleash their creativity,” Wylie said.

The co-owners also said that people who rent out the space can change up some of the pre-built sets they have inside, or if they have the budget, there’s space to build their own sets.