Burglar uses doggy door to break into Los Lunas home

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LOS LUNAS, N.M. — Early Thursday morning a daring thief down in Los Lunas broke into a house and took more than just packages – they drove off in the family’s only car.

But this thief didn’t break a window or jimmy a lock, they crawled in through the doggy door.

Kristina Radford said she closes her sliding glass door every night, even jams it shut with a 2×4. But the other night, she forgot to lock something else – the doggy door.

“I feel so violated I couldn’t even tell you. Someone creeped through the doggy door and just came in like it was his home,” Radford said.

Asleep upstairs – they didn’t even notice the intruder until the next morning,

“My daughter noticed her purse was missing, her sunglasses were missing, she wanted to grab a jacket, the jacket that’s normally hanging was missing,” Radford said.

But that’s not all that was missing, her keys weren’t on the hook either.

“I went to my car getting ready to leave for work, and my car was gone,” Radford said.

Her neighbor’s security camera captured the moment the thief loaded up her car and drove off.

Radford said there is never a good time for your car to get stolen but weeks before Christmas is probably the worst time for this to happen.

“It’s around the holiday time I’m supposed to go to Tucson, Arizona, I can’t do that now it’s just terrible,” Radford said.

While she is stuck at home for the holidays, she’s making sure no one else breaks into her home – locking every door every night.

“Be fully aware of protecting your home protecting your family protecting your loved ones make sure every window every nook and cranny is locked and that your house is fully secured,” she said.

Radford has filed a police report and if you see a silver Hyundai with the large golden retriever dog sticker in the rear driver’s side window, be sure to call the police.

But in the meantime, she has set up a GoFundMe page to try and replace her car.