Camp Enchantment sees record enrollment this summer

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LINCOLN COUNTY, N.M. – At first glance, Camp Enchantment looks like any other summer camp. But, for some children, this camp is one of the few places where they can feel normal.

“My mom swore this was the only camp I’m allowed to come to until I’m done with cancer, so it’s a big deal. I wanted to come back,” said Ahnikah Hudson, a Camp Enchantment camper. 

This year, a record number of 75 children signed up for camp.

“I don’t know if I have seen this many kids come to Camp Enchantment in one season, it’s really remarkable,” said Jay Sherade, a Camp Enchantment programming director.  

At camp, they aren’t different or held back by their diagnosis. In fact, they are able to find people who truly understand.

“In the real world they don’t talk about the C-word. This is a place where they can be themselves, they can talk to people in the same situation as them, and they can really make some fantastic friendships,” said Sherade. 

Friendships like Rowan and Ahnikah. 

“I was scared, you wouldn’t be able to come cause last year we didn’t come until the last two days of camp. But this year, we have done every activity together,” said Rowan Jackson-Foster, a Camp Enchantment camper. 

KOB 4 talked to Rowan and Ahnikah in 2022 when they met at camp, and now they are friends for life.

“I got on the bus and saw Iris and Daphanie and Olivia and Ahnikah, and I was just like ‘Oh my gosh, hold the phone.’ Then on the bus we just talked for three hours straight, and it was amazing to reconnect with people,” said Jackson-Foster.

They plan on keep coming back until they are old enough to be counselors. 

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