City brings in AI technology to deter crime in parking lots

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – The City of Albuquerque is taking some big steps to deter crime in parking garages – that’s where “NoiseVu” comes in.

NoiseVu was founded in Albuquerque. This new artificial technology is an audio security system that is always on, providing real-time alerts. 

“Whether it’s gunshots, car windows being broken, catalytic converters being stolen, public violence, car crashes, car alarms. Anything that makes a sound and affects public safety, we are detecting it and sending alerts directly to security and police,” said Erik Strobert, CEO & founder of NoiseVu. 

The city says it is always looking for new ways to improve security, and figured partnering with the local AI company to fully outfit the Civic Parking Garage downtown was a good start.

“We actually were present at the time that there was a huge vandalism event at that parking garage, when over 50 vehicles had their windows smashed. Unfortunately, it was the week before those systems went live, but it just demonstrated the need for technology like NoiseVu,” said Strobert. 

The technology completely takes out the middleman. Once they detect criminal activity, they can contact police within seconds. 

“There is nothing else on the market like that. Even other technologies the city works with don’t respond nearly as quickly and don’t allow for as quick intervention and mitigation of those risks,” Strobert said. 

There is only one parking garage with this technology right now. The city says if this is effective, it will install them in other parking structures.