City roundabout gets mixed reactions from Albuquerque neighborhood

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – KOB 4 first told you about the dangerous driving near Pat Hurley Park in northwest Albuquerque four years ago.

Now, there is finally a solution to slow drivers down, but it’s not causing the reaction you’d think.

“I was really happy that the city was actually trying to do something,” said Al Candelaria. 

The city put in roundabouts in February. Traffic-calming measures people who live in the area of Yucca and Bluewater have been advocating for years.

While some say it’s helping, others have even more questions.

It’s a design that’s supposed to get drivers to tap the brakes.

“I was really happy that the city was actually trying to do something,” said Al Candelaria. 

And sometimes, roundabouts do the trick.

“It does slow people down a little bit right now, but it’s interesting to see what’s going to happen,” said Gerri Harge. 

Other times, it doesn’t.

“It’s a bad design, it actually sped traffic up,” said Max Padilla.

The city put in the roundabouts in February, along with a circular intersection. They redesigned the entire stretch, but there’s no middle line that is causing lots of confusion. 

“It’s quite narrow,” Marge said. 

The center line ends right after the roundabout. It’s intentional, and the city says it’s another traffic-calming measure. 

A spokesperson says small lanes help slow down traffic.

But, along with the narrow drive, there’s an even bigger problem at the Yucca and Central traffic light. Cars are using a lane meant for oncoming traffic, but there are no markers. 

A frustrating light for folks heading in different directions. 

Candelaria got video of cars entering the other lane to go around those waiting on the light.

“Theres some issues with the turn lanes and I think the city needs to come and reevaluate that.”

So, will this design be the answer they’ve all been searching for? Some say no. 

“I think their hearts were in the right place, but it’s just a bad design for the area. It hasn’t slowed traffic down at all.”

Others say they’ll have to wait and see.

“It takes a little while, at least a year or two, to really know what it will do,” said Harge.