Clovis officials weigh in on Cannon AFB downsizing

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CLOVIS, N.M. — The U.S. Air Force plans to relocate Special Ops personnel. For Cannon Air Force Base, hundreds of Air Force workers may be headed out.

It could be a big deal for Clovis, but city officials aren’t worried.

Clovis Mayor Mike Morris sat down Friday morning with community members to address the announcement the U.S. Air Force made earlier this week.

The Air Force announced 300 to 350 special operations employees would be taken from Cannon Air Force Base in Clovis and transferred to Davis-Monthan in Arizona.

“Any kind of news like that is troubling to us in Clovis,” says Mayor Mike Morris.

He says he is not concerned but says it could bring new investments.

“If somebody is expanding, somebody else is contracting. We want to be part of the mission that is expanding. For the news to come out that we’re part of a now a power projection wing, that’s part of a bigger special operation. That’s good news. That means there’s going be more funding,” says Sid Strebeck, the president of Committee of 50. “We will take, anytime, a 15% increase in personnel and then have to give back 5%.”

The mayor says the relocation will not happen until 2027.