Clovis Walmart arson suspect caught in Texas

CLOVIS, N.M. — The Walmart in Clovis has been closed for more than a week after a massive fire caused millions in damage.

Clovis police say the man who set that fire is now behind bars. They found the suspect, Jimmy Guillen, about 100 miles away in Lubbock, Texas.

“We are not 100% positive on how he got there,” said Captain Robbie Telles with the Clovis Police Department. “The belief at this point is that he probably got there on a train.”

Officials say surveillance video shows Guillen carrying propane canisters to the automotive department inside the Walmart and hitting the canisters with a hammer before a fire erupted.

Telles says they got a request from the National Crime Information Center asking about Guillen.

“We got an inquiry requesting to verify if the warrant was valid, and then shortly thereafter we did verify that the warrant was active,” Telles said. “Shortly after, we were able to make contact with him and take him into custody.”

There are no updates as to when the Walmart will reopen.

“We haven’t been given any information like that as to when they’ll be open again,” Telles said.