NMSP: Colorado murder suspect arrested for shooting at Las Vegas police

LAS VEGAS, N.M. — Las Vegas police officers arrested a Colorado murder suspect who allegedly fired at them during a DWI traffic stop early Sunday.

Around 1:50 a.m. Sunday, Las Vegas police officers pulled over a DWI suspect at 200 S Grand Ave. During the stop, a black truck pulled up and asked the officers if he was in Las Vegas.

Then, as one of the officers approached the truck, the driver allegedly pointed a gun at him and fired it. An officer fired back as the driver kept reportedly firing back as he drove away.

Before officers could go after the truck, it pulled over abruptly. The driver got out with the gun and laid face down on the road.

Officers detained the driver and identified him as 43-year-old Robert James Rudichar. According to police, Rudichar is a suspect in a July 29 homicide in Pueblo, Colorado.

New Mexico State Police investigated and found no one was injured in the incident.

Rudichar faces three counts of assault on a police officer with a deadly weapon, a count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and a count of shooting at or from a motor vehicle.

Authorities will also extradite him to Colorado where he will face charges there too.