Community honors Good Samaritan during memorial car show

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Family and friends gathered Saturday to remember a man who they call a hero. 

Police say 24-year-old Michael Urioste was killed at a northeast Albuquerque gas station in February 2023 after stepping-in to help a stranger.

“In my eyes, Michael was the true epitome of what a hero was,” said Vincent Ontiveros.

Vincent Ontiveros is the owner of Bask Bath Bar and Suga Suga on Albuquerque’s Westside, and on Saturday he was host to a very special event.

“I want to do this as a memorial to show, bring awareness that you know people- that there are bad people out there, and people like that, if you know that guy has still been in jail for his numerous other crimes, Michael would still be here,” said Ontiveros.

Michael’s family and Ontiveros put a car show together as a memorial to Urioste. 

“I was a police officer for 11 years and whenever I saw that, there was a young man that literally put his life in risk for somebody else, a complete strange – that pulls on my heartstrings,” Ontiveros said. 

Police say Eric Ford shot and killed Michael at a gas station last month. 

They say Michael jumped in to help the gas station clerk after Ford hit her. Then he and Ford started fighting outside before Ford shot him.  

On Saturday, a grieving family just wanted to honor their hero with something he loved. 

“We really appreciate you guys showing up, he’s really into the whole car scene and loves all the different cars and motorcycles, and really anything that has an engine and goes fast,” said Lena Urioste, Michael’s sister. 

They had some help from the west side cars and coffee organizer who even brought his own car out. 

Ontiveros says all the businesses by the car show will donate a portion of their proceeds to the family. They hope to make this an annual event to honor their Good Samaritan. 

“He’s a hero and I’ll keep saying that over and over. I’ll say it till the day I die,” said Ontiveros.