Controlling pests amid drastic weather patterns

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — It’s that time of the year to bring out the fly swatter and have the bug spray on hand.

We may not want to hear it but more flies are buzzing around this season than usual. Warmer weather is ideal for cold-blooded insects and, while it’s not uncommon to see them swarming around in the summer, pest control has been busier than ever taking care of pesky insects.

“We’ve had an interesting year,” said Brandon Bertram, the Albuquerque branch manager of Truly Nolen. “We had a dryer winter than usual, a little more of a warmer winter than usual and then our monsoon season hit, kinda with a bang, and we saw a lot of moisture in a short period of time. That just created perfect conditions for flies.”

Truly Nolen already saw around a 20% uptick in calls for flies but it doesn’t mean other bugs aren’t keeping them busy. Ants and spiders are also common this time of year.

Some other ways you can control pests are by:

  • Not leaving food out in the open
  • Cleaning after your pets
  • Trying to limit the moisture in your garden