County approves resolutions addressing pollution in South Valley neighborhood

BERNALILLO COUNTY, N.M. — County commissioners unanimously approved two resolutions to address concerns over pollution in a South Valley neighborhood.

Commissioners approved $1.25 million from the general fund to the Mountain View Neighborhood, located near several industrial developments.

One resolution requires Bernalillo County staff to work with local partners and stakeholders to develop a survey. The plan will include community meetings, aggregation of existing data and a cost estimate of all projects and measures to contemplate.

That approved resolution also includes land acquisition and the design and construction of a public park.

The other resolution entails a community planning project that aims to guide the future development trajectory of the area to protect and promote the general welfare of the community.

The effort will involve public meetings, community feedback and a structured public hearing and approval process.

The sector plan won’t downzone property but will focus on enhancing land use options in a community.

Progress on the plan and the survey must be presented to the board within 24 months.

The Mountain View Neighborhood developed a sweeping set of proposed air pollution regulations, known as the Health Environment and Equity Impact Regulations (HEEI).

The Albuquerque-Bernalillo County Air Quality Control Board had hearings on the proposed rules. These hearings drew attention from some Albuquerque city councilors.

In early November, the council approved a proposal to significantly rework the board’s operations and its membership. They also approved a proposal to block the current board from enacting new regulations.

Two months later, a district judge granted a temporary injunction allowing the Air Quality Board to continue work until the court could rule on the legality of the council-approved bills.