Dash cam captures close call on I-25

Dash cam captures close call on I-25

A local attorney was heading home after work when he narrowly avoided a crash on I-25.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — A local attorney was heading home after work when he narrowly avoided a crash on I-25.

“There was a ton of traffic this day, there was an accident on Paseo del Norte so I had to go, you know, to Alameda because I was going to the West Side,” Indy White told KOB 4. “Alameda was starting to back up as well, quickly, so a lot of cars were slamming on their breaks quicker than normal.”

The stop-and-go traffic prompted White to look at his rearview mirror to make sure he’s in the clear.

“I was looking through my rearview mirror and this is the sight I see — you know, I was convinced because I could see in the rearview mirror right at this moment, I thought I was just going to get hit,” White said. “They say a lot of thoughts run through your mind, I was already thinking about filing insurance and that whole process in that split moment.”

White thought he was definitely going to get hit, but, luckily, he didn’t. The car that did crash missed him completely. Even later, when he got out of his truck to assess any damage, his heart was still racing.

“I was honestly more excited and I was a little bit overwhelmed because I still didn’t really believe that I didn’t get hit,” White said. “Maybe a scratch, maybe a dent, a nick or something, so I ended up walking around the car and I didn’t see anything, so I felt, ‘OK, oh my gosh, I did come out unscathed.'”

White said this isn’t the first scary experience he’s had on the road in Albuquerque, and if his profession has taught him anything, it’s the value of investing in a dashcam.

“I got it just to make sure, in case there was some kind of fender bender in my future and there is a ‘he said, she said, who caused what’ just so I could provide documentation for an insurance company,” White said. “I am an attorney, and so the more information you have, probably the better.”