Dash cam video shows Santa Fe judge arrested for DWI

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SANTA FE, N.M. – New body and dash camera video is giving us more perspective into the mental state of Santa Fe Magistrate Judge Dev Atma Khalsa the night he was put in jail

It began in late February, a woman driving on I-25 called 911 about a vehicle crashing as it tried to exit onto Saint Francis, but it was going too fast. 

Dash camera video from Santa Fe Police shows an SUV flipped over on the side of I-25. Police say the driver was newly-elected Santa Fe Magistrate Judge Dev Atma Khalsa. He campaigned on accountability and issues he called priorities like drunk driving. 

Since January, he’s heard about a dozen of those cases. Now, Khalsa is suspected of the very same. 

Officers took him to the hospital after they allegedly smelled alcohol and Khalsa had slurred speech.

Officer:  “So, when I was talking to you on scene, I could smell alcohol coming off your breath. So, be honest with me, how much have you had to drink tonight? 

Khalsa: “I don’t remember talking to you.”

He continued to refuse medical treatment. 

Khalsa: “I don’t want *mumbles*”

Nurse: “Alright. Well then we can let you go. He can take you, but like I said there’s a chance you could die. But if you’re refusing there’s nothing we can do okay?” 

Khalsa: “Chance I could die from what?”

Nurse: “From missing an injury from the accident.” 

Officers tried to read Khalsa his rights multiple times but instead:  

Khalsa: “But it only flipped one time, and everybody’s been saying there’s been multiple, multiple flips.” 

Officer: “We’re not concerned about how many times it flipped at this point. Right now, we’re concerned about getting you treatment.”

Khalsa: “No you’re not. You’re doing an investigation.”

Officer: “Yeah, and we’re investigating to make sure that you’re not under the influence of anything.” 

Khalsa: “I’m not.”

After a while, officers take him to the Santa Fe County jail. 

Khalsa pleaded not guilty to DWI, careless driving, and driving without a license. If convicted Khalsa faces up to 90-days in jail.

He’s been ordered to not conduct any hearings until further notice.

KOB 4 reached out to his attorney Wednesday night, and they said they have not received any evidence on the case, so they can’t comment right now.