Doc Talk: Keeping kids away from chemicals, medications

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Kids are curious and will search everywhere, so if you’re not careful they can very easily get into something they shouldn’t.

Dr. Anna Duran, of UNMH, stopped by for a “Doc Talk” on this. She discussed how to keep kids away from chemicals and medications.

Dr. Duran says these steps can help:

  • Install safety latches to offer some protection
  • Store medications and poisonous products where children cannot see or reach
  • Discard unused medications
  • Follow directions on label
  • Never refer to medications as “candy”

You should also keep detergent pockets in a secured cabinet. Also, never bring them out unless you’re doing dishes or laundry.

If you smoke, don’t smoke in your house or your car. Keep liquid nicotine refills locked up and out of reach as well. Remember vape liquid is very harmful if you swallow it or touch it and consider buying child-resistant packaging.

If your kid is ever poisoned or in trouble, contact the New Mexico Poison Center. More details are available by clicking here.