Xcel shares ways to lower high electric bills

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ROSWELL, N.M. – People in the southeastern parts of New Mexico can save some money by changing small habits. 

“We have found for the area we serve, the northern and western part of Texas, and then eastern New Mexico, Roswell has been absolutely the hottest,” said Wes Reeves, a spokesperson for Xcel New Mexico and Texas. 

The City of Roswell has seen three-digit weather day after day, and it doesn’t seem to be cooling down anytime soon.

“Our meteorological data shows that the average temperatures in Roswell during July were 5% above normal. So customers are using a lot more air conditioning, of course, to stay cool,” said Reeves. 

There are a number of small things you can do to bring down your energy bill. 

“We always have a lot of times we talk first about the thermostat because about half your bill generally is going to be for air conditioning in the summertime,” says Reeves. 

He says ideally it’s best to keep your thermostat two or three degrees higher than normal. 

“I always advise people to come home and just relax for a little bit, and let that peak of the day pass,” said Reeves. 

Xcel also has incentive programs and rebates to save energy, and also get money back to customers.