Family moves into new home thanks to city housing program

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — City officials just announced a milestone, saying one program has now helped 1,000 people into permanent housing. It’s called the Family Housing Navigation Center.

It began in December 2020. People get vouchers from the city to pay rent to private property owners.

There are still thousands of people in Albuquerque without homes, but the city is touting the success of this program so far. The journey of one mother, Julie McCutcheon, shows the impact it can have.

McCutcheon was born in Albuquerque and worked as a nurse for 15 years. But the path to this moment was full of challenges.

A bad car crash 8 years ago left her disabled.

“The aftermath was pretty devastating because I was told, “You might never walk again,'” McCutcheon said.

Many aspects of her life changed from there. She spent much of the last two years homeless and in shelters. While she’s thankful to have had that help, life wasn’t easy. She also has a six-year-old daughter, Rhiannon.

McCutcheon and her daughter started moving into their new home last week. They have city vouchers to cover rent.

McCutcheon believes more people who need help should learn about the resources available to them. After living on the streets, she says she now feels normal again.

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