Fans celebrate Fourth of July at Isotopes Park

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Fans aren’t just getting a good baseball game Monday night, they’re also getting a great fireworks show too.

Crew members from Western Enterprises started bright and early Monday morning to set up all the fireworks for tonight’s show at Isotopes Park. 

“There’s just so much out here. I mean, I was back in the day when it was a forest out here, and now it’s a parking lot. So that’s how far we’ve gone back,” said Michael Sena with Western Enterprises.

Michael Sena is one of the men behind the show. He’s been setting up massive firework displays for almost 30 years. 

Western Enterprises out of Oklahoma has been doing firework shows for Isotopes Park for almost as long. 

“It’s a fun operation, no doubt about it,” said Jim Burnett, owner of Western Enterprises. 

Burnett also choreographs most of the shows. 

“What it boils down to is courses, the music kind of pretty much dictates the pyrotechnics, the fireworks that actually go into it,” said Burnett. 

Monday night’s show is patriotic-themed. Sena says the 15-minute show takes hours to set up, but is well worth it. 

“There’s gonna be a lot of movement, and what that consists of is these multi-shots that are designed to to move either way left or right. We got fans, and we got uprights, and they’re just really nice designer product,” said Sena. 

Western Enterprises also does the City of Albuquerque firework show. That one is even longer, and the set-up is even more intricate. 

“It takes about four hours for me to do each show of this size, and larger shows take more time. So we do a few 100, so I’m pretty much most of the time designing shows,” Burnett said. 

Burnett plans all the fireworks in time to music, and then crews set every mortar just right for an amazing show. 

On Tuesday, Balloon Fiesta Park will be transformed from an empty field to holiday fun for everyone. The park opens at 3 p.m.. 

In Rio Rancho you can head to Campus Park for some fun and fireworks on Tuesday too. The parade starts the fun at 6 p.m.. 

On Monday night, Isotopes Park is kicking off all the professional firework fun. 

“Popcorn, hot dogs, pyro after it’s over with. It’s a great evening,” said Burnett.

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