Farmington Museum unveils Tyrannosaur exhibit with some lifelike surprises

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FARMINGTON, N.M. – It’s the most fearsome carnivore that ever roamed the Earth.

“It’s a fascinating story because Tyrannosaurs are just built into our popular culture, all the movies, all the merchandising, everything around Tyrannosaurus is just fascinating,” Director of the Farmington Museum, Bart Wilsey said.

To help quench that interest, the Farmington Museum opened a new exhibit, called “Tyrannosaurs Meet the Family.” Where you can get face-to-face with one of these prehistoric monsters, without becoming its snack.

“It’s all about the evolution and family tree of the Tyrannosaurs, so it includes T. rex’s, all the way up from about bird size, all the way up to Scotty who is the feature of the exhibit, which is a full-blown, one of the largest T. rex’s ever found,” Wilsey said.

Standing close to 19 feet tall, Scotty towers above the other six full-sized cast skeletons.

“Total star of the show, but there are so many other things to learn in the exhibit. You can discover how much bite force a Tyrannosaur has which is incredible, it is past the bite force of a Great White,” said Wilsey. 

And these prehistoric creatures, are still an unfolding discovery. Since 2000, scientist have found over 25 different species of Tyrannosaurs, including one right here in New Mexico.

“We have so many ties with the environment up here in fact the Bisti Wilderness is where they found a T. rex called the Bisit Beast, and what better place to bring a dinosaur than Farmington,” Wilsey added.

“Tyrannosaurs Meet the Family” exhibit is on display at the Farmington Museum until April 26. 

Wilsey said they will also have “Dinosaur Discovery Days” the third Saturday of every month while the exhibit is in town.