Father of Jeremiah Valencia to hold vigil in Santa Fe

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Another year has passed since the horrific death of 13-year-old Jeremiah Valencia. Jeremiah would have turned 18 this year, which marks five years since he was beaten, tortured, and killed.

Now, his father is planning to honor him in a special way.

“It’s been hard,” said Andrew Valencia, Jeremiah’s father. 

Jeremiah’s father says it’s taken a lot to heal and turn his life around since then. But now, once again, it’s time to remember his son and what could have been.

“I know that he had friends, this would be the year he graduates high school,” said Valencia. 

Valencia says he last saw his son when Jeremiah was six years old. Jeremiah was 13 when he was tortured, beaten, and kept in a dog crate while in the care of two men – while his mother sat in jail. 

One of those men, Jordan Nuñez, got 21 years in prison for his role in the case. 

Jordan’s father, Thomas Ferguson, committed suicide while awaiting trial.

Jeremiah’s mother, Tracy Ann Peña, got 12 years for failing to protect her son.

“He was a happy little boy,” said Valencia. 

With all those who played a role in Jeremiah’s death accounted for, Valencia says he wants nothing more than to honor his son.

“He was always an active kid, it’s a tragedy. He had a good future, I know he did,” Valencia said. 

Similar vigils have already happened, but this one is planned for later this month at Alto Park in Santa Fe. 

“Just remember him.  It’s not about anything else.  He still lives every day in my life, in my heart, and in others, I’m pretty sure,” Valencia said.