Flood warning remains in effect in Jemez Springs

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JEMEZ SPRINGS, N.M. — The Sandoval County Commission issued an emergency declaration due to severe flooding in the areas of Jemez Springs, Jemez Pueblo, and San Ysidro. The flood warning is still in effect Thursday night because of melting snow in the area.

Thankfully, the main roads are driveable and there are no reports of damage to houses or other buildings. There are also no reports of injuries, and the drinking water is safe.

However, multiple people say they’re worried flooding could destroy their homes before this is over. The water pouring into the Jemez River is the issue – it’s moving fast and the water is high. People are also worried that flooding has affected a sewage plant, which could lead to contamination in the river.

Right now, they say to avoid contact with the flood water.

Emergency officials and all agencies involved will be monitoring conditions through Monday. They say they are concerned people will be in danger.

Emergency officials said it’s difficult to predict, but the flooding could get worse over the next four days.

“Absolutely there’s concern,” said Wayne Johnson, Sandoval County manager. “Is it going to be one of these events like the Calf Canyon Fire or something along those lines? We don’t foresee anything that extensive here. Right now, we’re ready to react to new threats, and we’re busy mitigating some of the ones that are occurring now.”

Officials are also concerned about bridges. There are a few, like the Hidden Valley Bridge north of Jemez Springs, that are getting monitored to make sure the rushing water doesn’t cause them to collapse.

People who live in the area say they haven’t seen the river like this in about 50 years.