Four Corners business donates $20 per Google review for families in need

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FARMINGTON, N.M. – This season many of us are looking forward to those special gifts under the tree, but sometimes the greatest gift is the blessings you already have. And it’s that message that inspired a Four Corners business to save up all year to make a big difference for someone less fortunate.

General Manager of M&R Plumbing Services in Farmington, Daniel Frank, knows what it’s like to go through a difficult time, 

“I have a child with a brain disorder and one thing we realized as we went through the process of trying to get him medical care was the cost of medical bills and how expensive that can be,” said Frank. 

Bills that can rapidly become a heavy financial burden, 

“Just realizing how quickly, just even getting tests to try and figure out what’s potentially wrong with somebody, how expensive and how quick that can add up,” Frank added. “Financially I am in a good place, but I know there are a lot of people that aren’t.”

And that inspired him to start the Treston Project

“Just thought what a great opportunity for us to honor Treston by naming it in his name, and raising money to get a family in need some extra help,” Frank said.

All he needed was a clever incentive to raise the money. So, in January, M&R Plumbing has given away $20 for every Google review no matter how many stars.

“The guys, when they are out working just ask people, ‘hey if we did a good job for you today would you leave us a review, in addition it will go towards giving somebody some money at the end of the year,’” said Frank. 

Those Google reviews, added up to $15,000 to be donated to a family in need. 

“In the last week or two we’ve had over 75 nominations for people to receive the money, and honestly we wish we could help everybody,” Frank said.

Stories of families dealing with hardships of their own.

“Many people whose family members have died; you know maybe they had a husband that died that was the main provider of the family,” Frank added. “A lot of children with unfortunate things, cancer, heart problems things like that.”

Frank says they have been overwhelmed by the number of nominations, that they decided to close them Monday, and will announce a winner or possibly two in the next couple of weeks.