Free medical marijuana cards available in Albuquerque for veterans

Albuquerque dispensary offers help with medical marijuana for veterans

An Albuquerque dispensary is working with veterans to make it easier for them to get their medical marijuana cards.

Caskey Hill is a Navy veteran who’s had his medical marijuana card for a while.

“It helps me a lot to get throughout the day with a lot of the pain that I have, the different ailments you know?”

Hill says using medical marijuana helps him cope with everyday stresses. He’s a regular at Enchanted Botanicals in Albuquerque.

“The goal for all month long is numbers. I mean, I want to actually get veterans their cards.”

That is Steve Luthy. He is the director of sales at the shop. All month long, Luthy said, veterans can get their medical marijuana card for free.

“Right off the bat, the top benefits truly are no taxes. With the state, right now, you’re paying about 20% tax. That’s between the sales tax and then the cannabis taxes that are incurred,” Luthy said.

The shop bought a batch of 60 cards for veterans to start. Luthy hopes they’ll need more soon.

“On average, you’re seeing renewals about $50. You’re seeing new cards between like $65-$120. PTSD being on the more expensive side,” he said.

Veterans just have to show their military ID. Then, employees will help you start applying.

Enchanted Botanicals works closely with Albuquerque Integrative Medicine. That is where you’ll finish the application process.

Once you’re approved with that office, you’ll be ready to start testing what products work for you.

There are 30 conditions that qualify in New Mexico for a medical marijuana card, Luthy said.

Hill said, if you’re a veteran, you have nothing to lose by trying medical marijuana.

“Get yourself educated. Break the stigma. I mean, the stigma is only there because of uneducated people. So go get educated, you know, find the right thing for you,” Hill said.