Gas prices rise by 17 cents in New Mexico, drivers not happy

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Have you noticed you’re probably paying more at the pump these days? AAA has noticed a nationwide increase in gas prices after OPEC announced they would be cutting their crude oil production by 2 million barrels a day to the global market.

These prices are an unpleasant sight to consumers who say they’ve had to make cut backs to keep up with the fluctuating price of gas.

Over the last week, regular unleaded gas is up 17 cents in New Mexico.

“A few factors behind that of course OPEC plus’s announcement once that occurred we saw gas prices in a lot of places go up, not sure if that is 100% correlated,” Daniel Armbruster, a spokesperson for AAA said. 

Making relief that the pump in this dizzying economy is unclear for the near future.

“Uncertainly remains, we did see the New Mexico average for instance it held day to day yesterday it was $3.80 today it was $3.80. So that’s at least is a sign that things have slowed down for the moment, but we can’t say for sure that this is the ceiling it’s just too soon to say,” said Armbruster. 

And consumers are not happy about these price fluctuations.

“It’s infuriating especially when you go one night you see a decent price. Like two years ago we were at under $2 in certain prices now we are closer to $5, and you jump 20 cents overnight,” Francesca Varela said. 

And the rising price of gas has forced drivers to make difficult decisions.

“I have been working more and then the food bank too so buying less food for myself,” Maria Muratalla Maes said. 

While another driver KOB 4 spoke to said, “We stopped eating out at better luxury places– cut back on spending.”

Even medical necessities have taken a back seat.

“Don’t have gas to get to certain doctors’ appointments because the gas is too high, you give up a lot to pay for this,” Varela added.

AAA says there are some steps consumers can take to maximize fuel efficiency, like avoiding quick accelerations, using cruise control when it is safe to do so and making sure to keep your vehicle properly maintained.