Got a speeding ticket in the mail? Here’s how to tell if it’s legit

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Mailed speeding tickets from the City of Albuquerque have been raising some red flags.

Kimberly, a woman from Shiprock, reacted as most would when she received an Albuquerque ticket from an address in Florida.

“That’s kind of what threw me off is Orlando, Florida,” she told KOB 4 during an interview over the phone. “When I opened it, it was showing my vehicle and the date.”

It also showed the location where an automated speed enforcement camera captured Kimberly’s van, in the southbound lanes of San Mateo.

“It’s obviously my van, you know, but when it— when I had to pay for the ticket, that’s where I kind of was uncomfortable,” she said. “It asked for a lot of information.  I’ve never paid for anything where it’s asking for my routing number.”

Between the out-of-state mailing address, the request for sensitive information and an odd website link, Kimberly suspected a scam. But according to City of Albuquerque, her ticket is legitimate. It was sent by Novoa Global, a third-party company used by the city to help with speed enforcement.

“They are based out of Florida, and so they also assist us with the paying of the citations and that entire system and arm of the program,” said Scott Cilke, the Public Information Officer for the city’s Department of Municipal Development. “I completely understand that people are skeptical.”

Cilke said only 52% tickets issues by the city have been paid since speed cams went live in May 2022. He also said it is possible the out-of-state address on tickets is confusing people.
“I think that education was a big part of this program,” he said. “We’re in the trial phase of this program.”

While the city makes improvements to its speed enforcement program overtime, one thing will not change:

“Neither us here with the city, nor the folks at Novoa Global will call you for your information or ask you to pay over the phone,” he said. “That likely is a scam.”

The city encourages those who are wary of paying online or by phone to pay in-person at City Hall. For those who do not live in Albuquerque, Cilke advises using the secure online portal at They can also mail a check or money order to the Florida address on their ticket.

For additional guidance, call the Community Contact Center at 311 or read the FAQs for automated speed enforcement on the CABQ website.