Gov. Lujan Grisham signs New Mexico Voting Rights Act into law

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SANTA FE, N.M. — Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham signed the New Mexico Voting Rights Act into law Thursday.

“Today, New Mexico is leading the nation by example, declaring that we believe, unequivocally, in the fundamental right of every American to choose those who represent them,” Lujan Grisham said. “The provisions of this bill related to Native Americans, in particular, are the first in the nation, making sure that the rights of citizens of those sovereign nations are also protected.” 

House Bill 4 includes provisions that: 

  • Automatically registers voters at the MVD or other local public office designated by the Secretary of State;
  • Restores the right of previously incarcerated individuals to vote upon their release from custody 
  • Creates a voluntary permanent absentee voter list
  • Prohibits the transfer or publication of voter data online
  • Mandates same-day voter registration at all polling places
  • Mandates at least two monitored secure ballot drop boxes per county
  • Enacts the first-in-the-nation Native American Voting Rights Act allowing Indian nations, tribes, and pueblos to amend their request for voting locations and to apply for secured ballot drop boxes and allows electors to use government buildings as their mailing address

The bill is sponsored by Speaker of the House Javier Martinez, House Floor Leader Gail Chasey, Rep. D. Wonda Johnson, Rep. Raymundo Lara and Sen. Katy Duhigg. 

The governor also signed the following bills into law Thursday:

HB 004Voting Rights Protections
HB 053Delivery Of Necessary Diabetic Resources
HB 075Chiropractic Services Insurance Coverage
HB 078Aviation Fund Grt Distribution Sunset
HB 106Increase Public Employee Pension Max
HB 115Home Inspector Licensing Exam Changes
HB 116Active Duty National Guard as State Employees
HB 134Menstrual Products In School Bathrooms
HB 141Concerns of Police Survivors License Plate
HB 145NMMI Legislative Scholarship Program
HB 169Disclosure of Legislative Ethics Complaints
HB 175Crime Reduction Act Changes & Fund
HB 179Filing of Liens with Property Owner
HB 180Electronic Storage Of State Records
HB 186Disabled Veteran Property Tax Proof
HB 195Forest Conservation Act Amendments
HB 198Career Tech Funds For Indian Ed Schools
HB 209Health Professional Loan Repayment
HB 232Disclosure Of Certain Info
HB 255Employee Leasing Benefit Plans
HB 267Restricted License Experts
HB 269Fed Info For Commercial Driver’s Licenses
HB 270Emergency Suspension Of Trucking Laws
HB 280American Indian Ed Tech Assistance Centers
HB 287Driver Safety Awareness License Plates
HB 314Cannabis Record Expungement
HB 337Early Childhood Dept. Background Checks
HB 360National FFA License Plate Support
HB 364Alcohol Delivery, Licenses, Ad Money
HB 389No Id Card Fee For Homeless Individuals
HB 411Engineer & Surveyor Licensure
HB 424Apprenticeship Council Appointive Authority
HB 449Displaced Worker Eligibility
HB 525Public Peace, Health, Safety & Welfare (Water Project Funds)
HB 533Public Peace, Health, Safety & Welfare (School Group Insurance)
SB 043Intimidation Of Election Officials
SB 120Open Enrollment for Military Children
SB 144Santa Fe State Office Building
SB 145State Police Retirement Changes
SB 146Tax Administration Changes
SB 147Tax Changes
SB 155Use of Telecomm Fund for Broadband
SB 176Acequia Fund for Disaster Response
SB 180Election Changes
SB 200Regional Water Project Procurement
SB 210National Guard Death Benefit Act
SB 215Establish Crime of Bestiality
SB 240Tax Exempt Organization Tax Audits
SB 248Probate Court Changes
SB 271Equine Definition
SB 335Delay Part of Local Election Act
SB 368Law Enforcement Body Cam Exceptions
SB 397School-Based Health Centers
SB 425County Detention Facility Treatment Programs