Hate crime suspect appears in court

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — On Friday, before a judge, the state laid out evidence showing just how violent Joshua Lopez can be. While a few of those cases were dismissed for competency, that didn’t mean much to Anthony Pino, his latest victim.

“And I feel bad for his family that they have to go through that – their family member Josh attacked me,” said Pino. “And he’s done that before. He’s circled and tried to make people’s lives miserable around there.”

Lopez is charged with a hate crime after brutally beating Pino at their apartment complex back in June. 

After hearing what Lopez had done to Pino, and the other violent offenses, Judge Stan Whitaker agreed with the state, saying there were no conditions the court could set to that would keep the public safe from Lopez.

Pino said he’s still struggling with the aftermath of Lopez’s attack on him.

“I’m having nightmares, I’m tossing and turning, I don’t really want to talk to anyone. I’ve been self-isolating I don’t want to be in public,” he said.

At the time of the attack, Pino was trying to stop Lopez from harassing a neighbor. He said he stepped in and that’s when Lopez turned on him.

A court date for Lopez’s trial has not yet been set, but Lopez will remain behind bars until his trial.