Highland HS marching band hosts annual March-a-thon

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – For years, the Highland High School Marching Band and Color Guard gathered at Bandelier Elementary for their annual March-a-thon. 

The band director told KOB 4 it’s not only their biggest fundraising event of the year, but it also gives them the opportunity to interact with their community.

“It’s a really fun event. We play cadences, we do pep-tunes and a lot of the community comes out and supports us,” said Josephine Gonzales, director of band at Highland High School.

Neighbors near and far could hear the Highland High School Marching Band and Color Guard Saturday morning.

“For pep-tunes we practice all the time, all that we have available pretty much. We just accumulate pep-tunes throughout the year and through previous years. We just play what we can during the March-a-thon. I think for this March-a-thon we have eight pep-tunes that we have prepared,” said Keith Huller, section leader of Highland High School band.

The students prepped for months for their annual March-a-thon fundraiser, learning new songs and coordinating moves. 

But, for Huller it’s the first time he’s taking on the parade as section leader. It’s a new role he welcomes in this tight group of students. 

“It’s probably the people, they are a lot of fun to hang out with, and it’s just a really close community in general for our high school,” said Huller. 

At a young age, Huller picked up a love for music and never turned back. He says fundraisers like these allow him and his friends to do more of what they love.

“One of the biggest expenses that we have are buses. Going to our marching events can be extremely expensive so a lot of the money that we collect today will help us transport students, and it also helps us feed students when we go to events,” said Gonzales. 

The Highland Hornet Band Boosters led the way Saturday morning, buckets in hand for donations from the community. 

Those who weren’t able to donate Saturday can help by emailing your donation to the high school, or you can donate online here