Hikers rescued on Domingo Baca Trail

Hikers rescued on Domingo Baca Trail

The weather is warming up and the mountains are calling, but first responders have a warning for hikers.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Officials say it can be a dangerous time for people who think they can brave the elements and go hiking.

“We are in this transitional time of year where it is gorgeous, 60 degrees in the Foothills, and then it is full on winter up top of the mountain,” said Steve Larese, public information officer with Albuquerque Mountain Rescue.

It was the weather that got one hiker in a tough spot Thursday.

“There is a lot of water running from melting snow, so your footwear is going to get wet,” Larese said. “Traction became an issue, which played a part in the rescue yesterday.”

Albuquerque Fire Rescue, Bernalillo County Fire, and their partners headed up to Domingo Baca Trail to the couple.

Larese says, thankfully, this couple did everything right and it wasn’t difficult to locate them.

“They were dressed appropriately, they had food, water, and they were running a good navigation program,” Larese said. “The husband even said he made sure if he got hurt, his wife knew how to use his phone and access coordinates. Unfortunately, an accident did happen.”

Aside from a good navigation app, one of the biggest things hikers need to keep in mind is the sunset. If the sun is setting around 5:30 p.m., it’s important hikers are heading down the mountain by 2 p.m.

“It’s easy to get excited when you are out in the mountains and you want to climb the mountain, but know it is a smart hiker who knows when to turn around and do it another day,” Larese said.

Officials say it’s also a good idea to tell someone who isn’t hiking with you where you will be.