120,000 honeybees arrive in New Mexico to boost sustainability

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — The Albuquerque metro area recently gained around 120,000 new residents, who hope to create a buzz around environmental sustainability.

Two new honeybee colonies, consisting of around 120,000 bees, have been brought to our state by Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Mexico to boost the area’s ecosystem.

“Bringing them into the environment, you’re increasing the amount of pollination that’s going on in that area and so the seeds in this area will be pollinated and spread and so it enables more growth of plants,” said Amy Owen, a beekeeper and owner of Desert Hives. “So Blue Cross and Blue Shield are working with an international company called Alvéole and they have beehives in Europe, Canada and here in America.”

Amy Owen regularly checks on the state’s newest buzzing Burqueños and makes sure they are doing their job.

The bees’ job is to fly up to three miles to collect nectar, which will help improve the pollination of local flowers and crops in the Albuquerque metro.

On a good year, these bees will provide over 30 pounds of honey and, as the colony grows, additional boxes will be added to the hive.

“This is the first time we’ve really brought bees to our building to really show off their environmental sustainability to our employees, so this is super exciting for us and it’s super exciting for me because, again, I’ve never seen this in action,” said Consuelo Bolagh-Cowder, an employee with Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Mexico.

During the winter, the bees will stay at Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Mexico. Beekeepers will also reduce the size of the hive to help bees stay together and regulate the hive temperature.

Then, come spring, the bees will venture out and continue their search for nectar as they pollinate plants along the way.