How New Mexico school districts are preparing to embrace AI in the classroom

How New Mexico school districts are preparing to embrace AI in the classroom

Are local schools getting ahead of the curve when it comes to artificial intelligence?

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Are local schools getting ahead of the curve when it comes to artificial intelligence?

Most experts will tell you that artificial intelligence is just a tool — it’s how people use it that raises concerns. When it comes to schools, that usually centers around cheating and plagiarism.

However, there are also productive uses for AI in the classroom, including programs that can help accelerate learning.

The World Economic Forum predicts at least 75% of companies will utilize some form of AI in the future, and experts say now is the time to start training the next generation of workers.

A group of AI researchers and officials with New Mexico State University are hoping to bring that AI exposure and training to schools across New Mexico, through the creation of a statewide Artificial Intelligence Alliance.

The group is asking state lawmakers for nearly $2 million over the next three years to get the new alliance up and running.

Most of New Mexico’s major school districts are already working on this AI transition.

APS shared the following statement on AI:

“APS has a team focused on the promise and peril of generative artificial intelligence in schools, including implications for academic acceleration, equity, and safety. We offer training to our staff on how to responsibly use AI, and intend to continuously update our policies and procedures as the field progresses.” 

Santa Fe Public Schools shared the following statement on AI:

“Santa Fe Public Schools (SFPS) has been a member of the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) for several years.  CoSN provides among other things best practices and advocacy tools to help educational leaders succeed at digital transformation.  One of the group’s most recent efforts is the publication of a K-12 Generative AI Checklist that SFPS and other districts will be able utilize in gaining a better understanding of the impact of Artificial Intelligence(AI) when integrated into classroom instruction.  SFPS’ focus, of course, will be in providing students with the appropriate guidance in the responsible use of AI as we currently do with any other technology resource available to students.  As the use and integration of AI continues to grow, we need to embrace it and work with our students in developing best practices.”

Rio Rancho shared the following statement on AI:

“Rio Rancho Public Schools is acutely aware of the global impact that artificial intelligence has already had and will continue to have on learning and the education industry. Because of this, we are researching how to best implement AI usage in our schools. This is a large-scale project and requires input from both the U.S. Office of Educational Technology (USOET) and the New Mexico Public Education Department (NMPED). Currently, our Education Technology Department is helping teachers experiment with the use of AI learning materials and tools inside the classroom to gauge their effectiveness and ability to aid in the learning process for our students. This experimentation is in direct correlation with a recent policy report published by the USOET entitled “Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Teaching and Learning.

RRPS is also in the process of authoring a policy outlining the appropriate use of artificial intelligence within our schools. This policy will adhere to recommendations set by federal and state policies regarding the use of AI in the classroom when they are published and made available to the public.

The advent of the artificial intelligence age has come quickly. We want to make sure that both our staff AND students are adequately prepared to use AI tools available to them effectively and appropriately as we transition into a new age of human knowledge and learning.”