Jessica Kelley testimony in Fabian Gonzales trial wraps up Friday

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To watch the third day of testimony, here is part one and part two.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — The first week of the Fabian Gonzales trial ends with his cousin, Jessica Kelley, on the stand for the third straight day. Once again, Kelley stuck to her story about a possible fourth suspect who she claims killed 10-year-old Victoria Martens.

Gonzales is facing charges of child abuse and tampering with evidence in the death of Victoria. Victoria’s mother, Michelle, and Kelley both took plea deals in the case.

On Friday morning, the defense continued efforts to poke holes in Kelley’s story. Some parts of her story are strange, but Kelley said she was on a meth bender for days and at one point thought she was receiving messages from God through the TV. She credits some of her decisions to the drug use.

Kelley was adamant that a man strolled through the open door of the apartment where she was staying with her cousin, Gonzales. She said the man asked for Gonzales and asked who was at the apartment. She said she pointed to Victoria’s room, saying only she and the girl were there. Then the man reportedly went into the room and Kelley went out for a cigarette.

Kelley said when the man left, he told her there was a mess in there that she better clean up – or he would come after her.

The prosecution was shifting the blame to Gonzales for him facilitating a situation for Victoria to be left alone with Kelley.

“I wouldn’t trust myself watching kids high and paranoid,” Kelley said. “Because I’m under the influence, when I’m under the influence I don’t even watch my own children.”

Kelley has admitted that she helped clean up after the murder, and that she was there when she claims Gonzales cut up the body. She also admitted that she lit Victoria’s body on fire. Her strange logic behind those decisions was heavily scrutinized Friday.

Friday afternoon, Kelley left the stand. She was wheeled out of the courtroom in a wheelchair.

Following Kelley, there were a number of different neighbors near the apartment in question that took the stand. Gonzales’ uncle also took the stand, and a paramedic who responded to the scene.

KOB 4’s Ryan Laughlin was live-tweeting the third day of testimony from the courtroom:

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