Lawmakers hear multiple bills aimed at gun control

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SANTA FE, N.M. – Multiple bills aimed at reducing the number of guns on the street were heard Tuesday at the Roundhouse. One bill would increase the number of guns out there in the name of self-defense.

Since the beginning of this legislative session people have heard there will be a bipartisan effort to crack down on crime, including gun crimes. But in committee Tuesday the bills were falling down party lines.

There were four bills in the House Consumer and Public Affairs Committee, three were Democratic bills and one was from the Republican party: 

House Bills 50 and 101 would limit the sale and possession of fully automatic firearms as well as large capacity magazines.

House Bill 100 would create a 14-day waiting period for those purchasing guns.

There was a lot of opposition to these bills during public comment – well more than half of the audience spoke out against these bills:

“Taking these weapons away from law-abiding citizens just leaves them vulnerable to criminals that by definition do not follow the law.”

“And the waiting ban is not going to help.”

“It is good to have an armed population to keep that from happening.”

But after hours of discussion, a majority of the committee was for this bill, and it was passed on a party line vote. 

Republican’s House Bill 164 would have gotten rid of New Mexico’s permitting process for conceal and carry licenses, and would have also changes the state’s definition of a deadly weapon to not include firearms. 

Once again after much discussion this bill was decided along a party line vote and was tabled.

At the end of the committee, the three Democratic bills passed and will move on to their next committee. The Republican bill died.

Track HB 50 during the legislative session.

Track HB 101 during the legislative session.

Track HB 100 during the legislative session.