Lawsuit claims Albuquerque property manager sexually assaulted tenants

Lawsuit claims Albuquerque property manager sexually assaulted tenants

A new lawsuit accuses Ariel Solis Veleta, former property manager for the St. Anthony Plaza Apartments, of sexually assaulting female tenants.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — A new lawsuit claims the property manager at the St. Anthony Plaza Apartments sexually assaulted the women who lived there. He would reportedly threaten eviction or to increase rent if they refused his advances.

The Department of Justice filed that lawsuit Wednesday. According to the suit, the alleged assaults happened between 2010 and 2022 when Ariel Solis Veleta was the leasing agent and property manager at the complex – which is Section 8 housing. During that time, Solis Veleta’s roles included calculating and collecting rent, and initiating evictions.

The lawsuit states he offered housing benefits like late or unpaid rent to his female tenants in exchange for sex acts, exposed himself to female tenants, and locked them in his office and sexually abused them. It also states he entered their homes saying he was there for maintenance, but then would request sexual acts and then threaten them if they didn’t comply.

One of the women moved her family out of the complex because of two encounters with Solis Veleta. According to the lawsuit, the first encounter happened in 2015 when he called her into his office.

Solis Veleta allegedly locked the door and told her he had a folder of complaints that put her at risk of eviction. He is accused of pulling her into his lap and saying he could “make it all go away.”

It allegedly happened again in 2016. According to the suit, Solis Veleta locked her in his office, asked for sex acts, and told her she would not be able to find housing anywhere else because of the complaints in her file. Scared of losing her housing – the victim complied.

A KOB 4 crew went to the apartment complex Thursday. Tenants said they got a letter on their door around October letting them know that Solis Veleta was being investigated. One woman, who wanted to remain anonymous, said the accusations are hard to believe.

Solis Veleta doesn’t work there anymore, and they have a new property manager at the complex.

He is not the only person the Department of Justice is coming after. The lawsuit also lists Pacificap Properties Group, which is the property management company, and St. Anthony Limited Partnership, the building operators.

The lawsuit is looking for compensation for those harmed by the alleged harassment. Anyone who has information on this case can call the Housing Discrimination Hotline at 1-833-591-0291. Individuals may also send an email to or may submit a report online.