Lobo fans consider travel options to get to Memphis

Lobo fans consider travel options to get to Memphis

Lobo fans are taking flights, buses, and trains to get to Memphis as the team heads to the NCAA Tournament to face Clemson.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — The Lobos are headed to the NCAA Tournament. The announcement came Sunday after the Lobos won the Mountain West Conference Championship for the first time in 10 years.

The Lobos are the No. 11 seed in the West region. They will take on No. 6 Clemson in Memphis this Friday.

Many Lobo fans are planning to make that trip as well. If you want to join them, you better make plans ASAP.

There are still flights available – but they’re expensive. The average cost starts at around $700 and goes up from there.

Some fans are planning to drive about 1,000 miles to Memphis – a 14-hour drive. According to AAA, average gas prices in Texas are just over $3. In Oklahoma, it’s $2.81, and in Tennessee, it’s $3.06.

If you don’t want to make the drive yourself, longtime Lobo fan Bobby Aragon is chartering a bus. He says spots are very limited, but for two people, $895 will get you a spot on the bus, a 2-night hotel stay, and a shuttle to the game. For one person, it’s just under $1,200. Just the bus ride alone is $500. You can call (505) 974-0215 to book your seats.

If you wanted to take a more scenic route, you could take an Amtrak train. However, be prepared to leave early. The route will go all the way up to Chicago and down to Memphis, and the trip is about 40 hours. The roundtrip starts at around $260 and goes up from there.

There’s also the option to charter your own private jet. The cheapest one we found starts at $18,000 – and prices go up from there with the more people you bring.