Local bakeries team up with families for ‘Thanksgiving Matchup’

Local bakeries team up with families for ‘Thanksgiving Matchup’

Some local bakeries are offering a sweet surprise for families in Albuquerque this Thanksgiving.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Many families are doing what they can for Thanksgiving and that may mean skipping dessert but local bakeries are working to make dessert happen.

Around 60 bakers, from Albuquerque and Rio Rancho, are partnering for the Thanksgiving Matchup. How it works is these bakeries get paired with one or more local families. Then, bakers whip up some sweet treats – free of charge.

“Thanksgiving Matchup is a lot of us local Albuquerque bakers coming together. We’re giving our time and a lot of our product to various families or people who might need a little assistance during the holidays. Sometimes, it just gets difficult for a lot of people,” said Liz McKenzie, the owner of Howdy Cakes.

Last year, in their first year, they helped over 80 families. This year, they hope to give desserts to more families.

“We have a lot of space for more families on the list. We have a lot more sponsors giving money to bakeries to sponsor more families. There’s really a big want from the community to keep this project going,” said Skylar Shafer, the owner and baker at Sky Sweets Bakery.

Whether it’s cookies, cupcakes or pies, each bakery has its own unique style and specialty. This year, new bakeries are joining bakeries like Delectable Baking Company which participated last year.

“We wouldn’t be anything without the community. So, being able to give back, and bring a smile to people’s faces with something like a baked good, really means a lot to us so of course we wanted to do it again,” said Xandria Molinari, owner of Delectable Baking Co.

The program still has spots open but you must sign your family up.

The only requirement? You should probably have a sweet tooth.

“There’s not going to be a condition that you need to have a lot going on to get a dessert, whether it be financial or whatever it may be. If you need support, we accept that no questions asked,” Shafer said.

If you’d like to be considered, fill out the online form here.