Local clinic puts specific focus on women’s health

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Many women suffer in silence with certain issues but two women want their metro clinic to change that.

Genevieve Richter often dealt with pelvic pain. Then, while she was in school studying physical therapy, it all clicked for her.

“When I was in PT school at the time we had this small little unit on pelvic health and it’s at the very end of our course work and they are talking about all these conditions and I’m like, ‘check, check, check. Oh my gosh this is me, this is me, this is me I’ve never heard of it before,’, right?” Richter recalled.

From there, it was clear what path she wanted to take. Then, that path led her to Nora Quintal Calva, another physical therapy doctor.

“As I started treating patients with hip pain that isn’t getting better, I started understanding the relationship like, oh maybe it’s not just hip pain. I started learning more about pelvic floor stuff and some of the hip patients that were not getting better. Treating pelvic floor made a big difference,” Quintal Calva said.

Their clinic, Method Physical Therapy in Albuquerque, specializes in pelvic health, specifically on treating different types of patients with a special focus on women’s health.

“The body changes during pregnancy and through the postpartum phase, so, after you have this baby, historically there hasn’t been a lot of support for these women but these changes that happen to their body – urinary incompetence, organ prolapse, pelvic pain – are really big issues that change their quality of life,” Richter said.

The overall goal is to educate and help patients understand their bodies and the possible issues they’re facing.

“Some go, ‘well I am just older so it’s ok to just leak urine,’ like, no it’s not, there’s something that can be done so let’s address it,” they said.

The clinic not only helps patients with pelvic pain but they also help women going through menopause and other services. Click here to learn more about what they do.