Local dog daycare talks pet safety amid mysterious illness

Local dog daycare talks pet safety amid mysterious dog illness

Caring Paws on Madison Street is adding to its requirements to make sure your pet stays safe.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Caring Paws on Madison Street is adding to its requirements to make sure your pet stays safe.

“I’ve had a few questions about everything that’s been going on, I have calls that have been coming in,” said Francis Maestas, manager of Caring Paws Doggie Day Care.

It’s the last thing a pet owner wants to worry about while they’re away – if their best friend will get sick.

It’s especially top of mind as more and more dogs get infected with a mysterious respiratory illness that’s spreading across the country.

When you combine that with the holidays right around the corner, having your dog surrounded by other dogs can be unavoidable.

Maestas says having dogs play together helps build up their immunity.

“I feel like if you’re taking your dogs out of the daycare system, it’s just like taking your kids out of daycare. You know, if the flu is going around, they come back, and then they’re probably like the first ones to get sick. If you’re too worried about it, bring them in every once in a while, but just making sure that they’re still coming into daycare so that their immunity doesn’t completely fail on them,” said Maestas. 

It’s also important they stay up to date on their vaccines.

Maestas added a different vaccine to the daycare’s usual round-up back in March.

“Influenza is a common vaccine that not a lot of people recommend here at doggie daycares, you can just get away with just like the three basic and Bordetella, distemper Parvo and your rabies. We have started the influenza, because we have had some dogs come out with the flu here.. And so we just basically made that a priority,” Maestas said.

The canine respiratory syndrome isn’t responding to antibiotics, but according to Bernalillo County Animal Care Services, the Bordetella vaccine has been showing some promise.

KOB 4 checked several boarding places across Albuquerque, and they all require the Bordetella, rabies and parvo vaccines. Some also required the influenza vaccine.

Most experts say it takes about two weeks for vaccines to take effect.

If your dog needs a Bordetella vaccine, Bernalillo County Animal Care Services is having a free clinic Wednesday from 1 to 4 p.m. on Second Street. People do not need an appointment.