Local family, community concerned for missing peacock

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – A New Mexico neighborhood is missing a special figure in their community, and dinner time hasn’t been the same for one family.

“Bob showed up here about 20 years ago,” said Ray Santillanes. 

Ray Santillanes spent Saturday afternoon sharing how important “Bob” the peacock is to his family and neighborhood.

“He’s just been a part of the community, people love him, and I love him,” said Santillanes. 

But Bob hasn’t been seen in two days. 

“A couple days ago, I was just cleaning his deck, and he went out on the back porch. And eventually, I started doing other stuff, and then he didn’t come home before it was getting dark,” Santillanes said. 

Neighbors have noticed Bob’s absence too. 

“I couldn’t believe it because I mean, in the morning, she has a window that faces the balcony, and I didn’t see him like ‘wow, he’s up there for breakfast’ you know? And then he said it was missing, so it was kind of sad,” said Liz Quintero. 

But who is Bob? He’s a 20-year-old peacock who chose Santillanes’ roof one day, and found his forever home.

“I love him, and it’s just been hard lately, you know? Yeah, because he’s like, family. It breaks my heart, and I just want him home,” said Santillanes. 

Bob has been around for four generations of their family, and has a very loving home.

“He likes the vienna sausages, and he wants them chopped, and he loves ground beef, fried,” Santillanes said. 

Santillanes has reached out to the zoo and animal control with no luck. With Bob not answering his special whistle, Santillanes feels like something bad might have happened.

Now, he just wants their beloved family member back, no questions asked.

“He grew up here, and he’s lived here all those years, you know, and he’s safe here, he knows that,” said Santillanes. 

If people have any info on Bob the Peacock, they can email Ray Santillanes at: rays871071@gmail.com