Local food bank struggles to keep up with demand amid inflation

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – A local lifeline in Roadrunner Food Bank is feeling the pains of inflation, just like the rest of us right now–except they’re tasked with feeding thousands of New Mexicans in need.

Prices are growing out of control along with the number of people who need food assistance.

Roadrunner officials told KOB 4 they’re struggling to keep up, but they think the community may be able to help out.

“It’s kind of been like going sort of, from one sort of pandemic into kind of a slightly different one,” said Sonya Warwick director of communications for Roadrunner Food Bank.

Now, it’s taking another hit from skyrocketing food costs.

“Anything from peanut butter to soups, for example, you’re probably looking anywhere from like 120% per case, cost increase up to 200% per case cost increase,”said Warwick. 

Officials say they have to get creative with their donated dollars and stretch what they do have as far as it will go, especially since inflation is driving more people to seek food assistance.

“The distributions that we’ve still been running, you know, we usually start about 8:00, 8:10. Often, we are telling people by about 8:15 like, ‘hey, you know, what, we’ve we’ve met our max for the day,'” Warwick said. 

The demand far outweighs the supply.

“We don’t have access to that same level of federal food that we had to kind of meet the needs that we were seeing in those first 18 months of the pandemic,” said Warwick. 

That’s where the community comes in.

“If you have the ability to give this is a perfect time to make a difference,” Warwick said. 

Roadrunner says folks can donate their time by volunteering food. 

“Items that can be anything from peanut butter to canned good items to soup. Anything really related to you know, garden produce, if you have that still available in your home garden,” said Warwick. 

And money if they have it, especially now, while donations are doubled.

“Right now through the end of the month, there is a foundation who is matching any contribution made to the food bank, dollar for dollar, up to $25,000,” Warwick said. “Your investment in this food bank really allows us to make sure that our neighbors in need have that helping hand when they need it.”

If you’re interested in donating, visit, Runner Food Bank’s website for more information