Local plant nursery recommends holding off on some plants

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – It’s feeling nice outside Saturday which is a big improvement from earlier this week, but is it the right time to start thinking about your garden?

David Mitnick is the manager of Rehm’s Nursery in Albuquerque, and he says warm days like Saturday may have you eager to get to work on your garden, but he says you may want to wait.

“You’re gonna have a lot more inclement weather coming, interspersed with this really nice weather. So it’s easy to get spring fever, and to start wanting to get there, out there in the garden, planting a lot of things,” said Mitnick. 

But that doesn’t mean you can’t add new plant babies to your collection right now. 

“You can definitely still plant things like pansies and violas for color. If you wanted to splash of color, they’re gonna look great through March into April a little bit,” Mitnick said.  

He says these flowers are very hardy and can can survive the weather roller coaster we’ve been on, and these little guys smell amazing too!

But what about your edible garden? 

“You might be wanting to plant things like tomatoes and peppers, because and you know, cucumbers, and all those things. But those are warm weather season plants, they can’t survive a frost,” said Mitnick. 

Mitnick says it’s still too early, and he recommends waiting until April for those.  But you can get your leafy greens in the ground now like cabbage, and thyme. 

“There are actually some good herbs you could put out right now. You could definitely put out things like your thyme, your Rosemary stuff like that,” said Mitnick.  

He says you can always stop by the Rehm’s Nursery with any more plant questions, and they’ll be happy to help.